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“Beached Pelican, in Baja”

“Union Square San Francisco, in March”

“Before He Stood Me Up”

“Tivoli Cove, Malibu”

“When Grief Isn’t a Gift”

“East Cape, Baja CA”

“Doctor Good”
“Elephant Tree”


“El Farallón”

"Between Long Beach and Catalina”

“I Didn’t Want to”

“What We Do with Our Hands”


"She Did Not"

”Ready for a New Season That Winter After the Funeral”

“Instructions on Washing and Drying”

“What We Keep After It’s Gone”

“New Year’s Day”

“My Dead Father Comes Back as a Brown Bird”

“My Father’s Father”

“Muscle and Bone”

"I lost two days"

"My books press their bodies"

"last Quarter Void of Course Aquarius Moon"

"King Plow, Atlanta, The Last Sunday in Febuary"

"New Year's Day"

"Controlled Burn"

“The Renters”

“Lost in an Airbnb”

“Latin Quarter, Paris”

“Off Boulevard Saint-Germain-des-Prés”

"Somebody's Queen"

“Some Drunks”

“My Mother’s Nudes”

“Why I get Anxious Crossing the Street”

“The Visitor”
“Whale Watching, La Laguna San Ignacio, Mexico”

“Going Down for the Third Time Today”

“Instead of Silence”

“End of Mars Retrograde in Aries”

“His Hero was Hemingway”

“Breakfast in Baja”

“Two and a Half Months”



“Love & Red Rocks”


“Hunting for Wild Mushrooms”



“The Accommodating Body”

"The Size of The World"

"Spring In Atlanta, Six Weeks Into Lockdown"

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