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“I have been waiting for a collection from Cynthia Good. And here it is! So exciting.”

—Camille T. Dungy, author of Trophic Cascade and Soil

“Cynthia Good's debut chapbook, What We Do with Our Hands, is a shimmering map of vulnerability and resilience. Like human antennae, the speaker is exquisitely tuned to love and its disappointments, to the eros of the material world and its impermanence. These brief lyric poems slalom between ‘humor, desire, and degradation’ with ease and surprising turns that carry us from ‘nude selfies and saliva,’ past a ‘lit green awning’ to a very human cry: ‘Don't objectify me. Please / Objectify me, in the bone / Cold scent of piss on Rue Jacob.’ Good's is a world where ‘the rocks bear witness to our brevity’ and still ‘the music kept coming—like tomorrow.’”

—Catherine Barnett, author of Human Hours, The Game of Boxes, and Into Perfect Spheres Such Holes Are Pierced

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