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About the poet

Cynthia Good


Photo Rob Brinson

Cynthia Good is an award-winning poet, journalist and former TV news anchor. Her new chapbook, What We Do with Our Hands, was published by Finishing Line Press this fall. She has written seven books including Vaccinating Your Child, which won the Georgia Author of the Year award. Cynthia’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in numerous journals including Adanna Journal, Awakenings, Book of Matches, Brickplight, Bridgewater International Poetry Festival, Cutthroat, Free State Review, Full Bleed, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Hole in the Head Review, Main Street Rag, Maudlin House Review, MudRoom, Outrider Press, OyeDrum Magazine, The Penmen Review, Pedestal Magazine, Pensive Journal, Persimmon Tree, Pier-Glass Poetry, Pink Panther Magazine, Poydras, South Shore Review, The Ravens Perch, Reed Magazine, Tall Grass, Terminus Magazine, They Call Us, Tupelo Quarterly, Voices de la Luna, Waxing & Waning and Willows Wept Review among others. Cynthia has launched two magazines, Atlanta Woman and the nationally distributed PINK magazine for women in business. She lives in Mexico and in Malibu with her Havanese dog named Zuni.

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